's vision is that students should be able to prepare themselves for trends in the market and improve their technical skills, especially students that are still in high school. is made by a teacher who has real-world experience with Computer Science.

It consists of easy to read and detailed class notes, constructive quizzes, and meaningful assignments. Teachers can use this as an online classroom because everything is graded.

This website follows an easy style for presenting notes instead of the usual paragraphs or bullet points.

To ensure the student's engagement, the content has interactive dialogs like a comic book, as well as detailed graphics. It keeps the explanations simple and has many examples. aims to give students an easy way to become knowledgeable in technical topics.

Our Software Services

For over a decade, we have been creating beautiful websites, innovative web applications, designing business promo's, marketing and supporting businesses, organizations and developing and supporting many other web projects in and around Orange County, California. We also provide task automation services to speed up your business operations.

To discuss your ideas, send us an email to -


We design websites, redesign and upgrade existing web site designs, taking care of the entire workflow from domain registration to hosting and maintenance. Example: WordPress, E-Commerce, Local Business, Organization websites, etc.

We Apps

We create and maintain web applications that suit your business needs, such as online user/inventory management, web-based ERP, online payment backends and also creative and innovative online business apps. Example: Admin Dashboard, Invoice, Status Checks, Reports, PDF Generator, UI, AWS, Cloud Apps & more.

Graphic Design

We design creative business branding materials for printing and social media promotion. Example: Logo, Banners, Business cards, Flyers, Brochures, etc.

Online Marketing

We help promote your business online through SEO & Social Media Marketing.

Task Automation

We help speed up your business operations through repetitive activity through computer automated software. Examples include: Spreadsheet Auto-Fill, User Input simulation, Browser Automation for testing,etc.

Data Updates

We assist with innovative solutions to extract useful information for your business with the help of modern AI tools. Example: Chatbot assistant, Search results processing, Lead Detection, Status Notification, social media trends, & more.


Business Websites

We design websites for organizations and businesses like restaurant, clothing store, electronics, construction, media and many other professional services, customizing the pages for simple to advanced scenarios. Send us a message about your ideas and requirements to get a quote.

Personal Websites

Looking for a portfolio website to showcase your works? or a blog to get in touch with your fans, sell your merch, etc.? Contact us with your requirements.


Need an easy way to manage your page content, blogs, photos, etc.? WordPress will help you control your blog or web page with ease - without any coding, with simple user interface that requires almost no learning. Using WordPress, you can setup a simple blog to advanced shopping websites.


Sell your products or services online with ease through E-Commerce websites that use industry standard tools for managing online products, services, users, payment integration for credit/debit cards, PayPal, invoice generator, automatic E-mails, etc. You can use your choice of online shopping platform, payment service, etc. Contact us to learn more.

Online Applications

Setup online portals, ERP softwares, etc. to manage business data and access anywhere securely through admin accounts, manage users, track business progress, update status, generate reports, PDF files, fill forms, invoices, etc. through innovative cloud application designed and customized to your business needs. We also provide support and maintenance to existing web applications. Contact us to get a quote to create, customize or upgrade.

User Management

Create a user login system to manage your customers, handle feedbacks, tickets, identify user likes and dislikes, manage technical supporters, setup discussion forums, chat system, etc. to provide your customers with better services. Let us know your business requirements to learn more.

Creative Apps

We design creative and innovative apps for specific business requirements like online file converter, browser plugin, game apps, data extraction, etc. Contact us to discuss your ideas in detail.


Branding Design

Give a new look to your products and services with attractive Logo, Banners, Brochure, Flyers, Business Cards, etc. Choose from multiple designs and customize further as per your business/organization theme and preferences. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Creative Design

Contact us to discuss more about your digital design requirements for a variety of scenarios like printing, online promotion, social media posts, infographics, idea presentation, data visualization, etc. with the latest 2D & 3D design tools. Let us know your requirements now to get a general quote.


Reach more customers through higher organic traffic for your websites with the help of our strategic search engine optimization services. Get a quote for your website and analysis on current search engine ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your social media presence with engaging content and promote your products and services to the target audience with our practical marketing tools. Contact us to learn more.

Task Automation


Automate your customer assistance services with the help of AI-based chat interfaces in your website, which can identify the nature of customer's issues with the right questions and provide relevant solutions quickly without human intervention.

Robotic Process Automation

Reduce the time taken for frequently occurring user interactions with your website or application. Let the software understand the data and enter/manage information accordingly, and update you about important information through email notifications. Reduce human work hours where possible, and use the saved time for other more productive business operations. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Auto-Fill Data

Use a customized software for time-consuming data entry tasks in a variety of applications like spreadsheets, website forms, etc. Contus us for more details or let us know your requirements in chat.

Browser Automation

Computerized website interaction can help you reduce user interactions for repetitive tasks and can be used to test website status, increase productivity, speed up web based operations, get updates and also track them regularly without any technical knowledge.

Data Extraction

Extract useful information from comlex data with the help of machine learning tools, computer vision, etc. Detect patterns in data, verify genuine information, get updates on user activity, processing social media trends and do more with the help of innovative AI-based solutions. Contact us with your business requirements.

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